The Rybakov Foundation is a private philanthropic organization, created by Ekaterina and Igor Rybakov in 2015
Education for
, education for
the family
Our mission is to support and protect the interests of families all over the world, on a journey to quality education, success, prosperity and well-being. This is our contribution to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4.

Our objective is #familyfocused. We are calling on education systems and educational communities all over the world to be guided by the interests and needs of the family. This means access to prosperity and well-being through quality education for all members of the family.
Family is the place from where we venture out into the world and where we return. It is our home, our "assembly point," the place where we are loved and accepted, where we recover. The mission of a family is to bring up a self-sufficient and capable person, a happy human being, and to release her / him into the outer world. We aim to inspire the school and the entire educational environment to support the family in carrying out this important and challenging mission, to focus on its interests and needs.
Family is the most wonderful thing in every person's life. It is the place where the future is born; it protects and shelters us from the storms of life. It is where our strengths and victories are built, the place where we are loved and always welcomed. And at the same time the family is a very delicate and fragile structure, sometimes destroyed by a single careless word or by a rash act. We should be able to see, feel and protect this tenderness.
Ekaterina Rybakova
Co-founder and President of the Rybakov Foundation
Igor Rybakov
Chairman of the Board and co-founder of the Rybakov Foundation
Co-founder and President of the Rybakov Foundation
Chairman of the Board and co-founder of the Rybakov Foundation
What we do
Rybakov School Award educational game: new season has started!
Empower your school! Three grand prizes 1 million ₽ each
"School Communities": a course for universities on community management
Teaching future teachers to interact with parents, colleagues, and students
"Give a laptop" program
Let's provide large families with access to quality education together!
"School is the Center of Society" framework
We know how to fill the school with real life and make it interesting for everyone
Rybakov Preschool Award in honor of Lev Vygotsky
We support all those who develop child-centred preschool education
Rybakov Prize
Global award for philanthropists in education
Russian and CIS countries' universities are already implementing the course. If you want to know more about the possible cooperation, leave your contacts: we will send information
The world's first educational game for youngsters and grown-ups on building communities. Thousands of people all over the globe are playing with us! Sign up right now and start performing real tasks to evolve your school, college, further education center or kindergarten, and yourself.
We are looking forward to seeing you at the forum which will bring together leading experts and education practitioners from all over the world, as well as parents and children, the main beneficiaries of education. You can choose your participation option: from free access to an exclusive participant status. Leave a contact, we'll send you the details.
Want to learn about the concept, get to know about school cases and apply our developments? Email us! We'll send you all the information you need!
Competition for teachers and students, school staff, heads of preschool institutions, as well as parents and entrepreneurs looking forward to opening their own kindergarten. Find out more here!
We honor those who contribute money to the development of education not at the call of duty but because they follow their hearts. Want to learn more? Leave a contact!
Projects initiated / supported by the Rybakov Foundation
Legal and administrative service for supporting and maintaining school endowments
Innovative training system for preschool teachers
Platform for online learning and creating educational programs
Program supporting and developing child-centered preschool education
The joint course from the Strelka Institute's Vector online school and the Rybakov Foundation, entitled "How to organize society", is the first online course about community organization in Russian
Equium is an exclusive business club for entrepreneurs who can change the economy and inspire people
All-Russia program for development entrepreneurship among young people
International community for women. Self-realization, inspiration and support in groups of like-minded women
Mentori is a methodology for mentoring in schools that has been adopted by the Russian Ministry of Education
A competition for entrepreneurs, teachers, and students
Festivals, training, and IT skills development for teachers
Investing in sustainable projects that have proven the potential of high return on investment in positive social impact.
Your school can receive stable independent funding and open up new opportunities for staff and students! It does not matter whether it is private or public, rural or urban. Legacy Endowment Services will lend you a hand in opening a school endowment. It will provide you with legal and administrative support.
Leave a contact, we'll tell you more!
EQUIUM is an exclusive membership club for owners and managers of rapidly growing businesses. It works as a success generator. Here you will find informal socializing, live experience of 400+ residents and private club events with the participation of prominent entrepreneurs, including Igor Rybakov and Oskar Hartmann.
Leave a contact, we'll tell you more!
This uniquely designed system for educator skill development has been operating for several years. Thanks to it, teachers from 200 kindergartens throughout Russia work with joy and dedication day over day, creating an environment for free play and development of children. Join RYBAKOV PRODETEY, a community of educators!
Leave a contact, we'll tell you more!
Russian nationwide program for the development of entrepreneurship among youth. Try your hand at running your own business! Improve your entrepreneurial skills and receive a project grant. Get a job in the field where the young and daring are most welcome. Every third finalist of the Preactum Cup starts their own business! Are you in?
Leave a contact, we'll tell you more!
CORE online builder is perfect for teachers, tutors and anyone who creates their own designer educational products. You'll master it in no time, even if you've never worked on an online platform before. And regular free webinars will help you become even more confident and successful.
Leave a contact, we'll tell you more!
We often lack self-confidence and support to fulfill our potential in what we love. Get this support in the PRO Women community and feel the power to take a step towards your dream! 17,000+ participants from 194 cities know it from their own experience! We are looking forward to seeing you!
Leave a contact, we'll tell you more!
The University of Childhood is an educational community and ecosystem of projects for the professional and personal development of preschool educators. We support, we help move forward, we provide tools for effective work. We are creating a future for children. Join us!
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Want to learn more about launching a mentoring program in your school? We will send you the details.
"How to Organize a Community" class. Community is your resource to draw from. Access the first Russian-language community organizing class and learn how to build a community
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Tell us about your educational project! Get a pass to enter the Summer School, where experienced mentors will help you make your project stronger and find partners.
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We make education up-to-date and engaging. Do you want to fall in love with the teaching profession once again? Rev up your lessons and be on the same wavelength with the students? Forget about unwanted tests and checking student work at night? Conduct cool lessons and homerooms even on Zoom?
Leave a contact, we'll tell you more!
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